What is spring?

Mar 30, 2014 00:00 · 219 words · 2 minute read Programming Java Spring

Spring is a framework to reduce Enterprise Java Development complexity. it is Plain Old Java Object based which means that any code you written in spring can write without it as well ! It is a lightweight and unobtrusive framework in compare with older J2EE if you using it in a right way. It support AOP framework (Aspect oriented programming)


The architecture of spring is based on design patterns which can help us to use best practices without having too much in dept knowledge about them.

  • Singleton
  • Factory
  • Abstract Factory
  • Template Method
  • Annotation based configuration


on 2003 Milestone was released

on 2004 version 1.0 was released

on 2006 version 1.2.6 was released. it focus on productivity and SOLID code principals

on 2007 version 2.5 was released. it support annotation and xml development

on 2009 version 3.0 was released it support web services

on 2014 version 4.0.3 was released. It support web Socket ,java 8, etc.

How can it help me ?

  • Increase testability
  • Increase Maintainable
  • Help us to improve scalability of application by decoupling layers and also adding catch layer etc
  • Reduce complexity over code
  • Put focus on business by making everything easier and developing code faster
  • Remove configuration and lookup codes
  • Code can focus on testing
  • It help us to do annotation or XML based development