Target File generator for CSharp application + source code

Oct 4, 2012 00:00 · 191 words · 1 minute read ASP.NET Programming

I just made a simple application with Nunit and c# to generate target file content for any CSharp projects (download it from my github).

what is TargetFile ?

it help you to move your resources in the projects(more info about target files).

How to use the application ?

Short answer :just run the app , you will find out !

Long answer :After you download and run the “exe” file which located in “bin” folder, the program ask you to choose the project file.

in the next page “Browse” the source file and if you need to exclude any file say “No” to the next dialogue .

now all the power in you hand and you can nicely , tidy up the list of the files that you can remove by simply adding rules to the list and see the remaining files immediately , or even remove any unwanted rules.

and finally after adding all desirable rules , target file will be generated by clicking on the “Finish” button !

All left is just edit the .csproj files to ask it use the target file (how to do it ?) .